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How do I set the DNS servers on my SonicWall router?

    Learn how to set the DNS servers properly for optimal performance with your phone system.

    Domain Name Service (DNS) Resolution is vital to phone operability. We recommend that phones perform their own DNS lookups with their resolvers set to Google’s DNS whenever possible. There are two ways to do this below.

    Assign via DHCP — Recommended

    This option is best if your SonicWall router is handling DHCP. If you have another device handling the DHCP server functionality, please refer to the manufacturer documentation for that device.
    1. After logging in to your router and choosing the Manage section, select Network > DHCP Server.
    2. Select Editfor the phone's internal IP range and then select DNS/WINS from the configuration menu.
    3. Choose Specify Manually.
    4. Enter and
    5. Select OK to confirm the change.

    Assign via Static DNS

    This option is best if phones and computers that exist on the same network require a set DNS for non-phone operation. Please refer to your phone manufacturer’s documentation for instructions as this varies for each phone.