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What does "upgrade required" mean on my SonicWall router?

    Learn what options you have when the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on your router requires an upgrade.

    If you see Upgrade Required instead of the IPS configuration menu when trying to make changes to those settings, it means that your Intrusion Prevention System is still active and operating within your SonicWall. Consequently, you will be unable to modify any details of what is and is not scanned which can cause issues with your phone system.
    Here are your options if you run into this situation:
    • Recommended — Reach out to SonicWall to purchase the additional license needed to configure the IPS settings. This is the only way to ensure that GoTo Connect’s traffic will never be falsely detected and blocked.
    • Uncheck the Prevent All and Detect All options for Low Priority Attacks. This should be the default setting on your SonicWall and does not seem to cause many issues from our experience. The issues seem to arise when these security settings are increased instead.
      • If issues arise with GoTo Connect traffic being prevented at times, you can modify this further to allow Medium Priority Attacks, and so on up to and including disabling the IPS system entirely.
    Article last updated: 22 April, 2022