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How do I exclude GoTo Connect traffic from the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on my SonicWall router?

    Learn how to add IP addresses associated with your GoTo Connect traffic to your IPS system to avoid additional inspections that cause delays in getting calls to your phones.

    SonicWall routers come equipped with an Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS. This system is used for more in-depth scanning of incoming and outgoing network traffic to help ferret out attacks that can hide from more conventional firewall scans. IPS is a great additional security feature but can cause some problems for VoIP traffic. Due to the real-time nature of VoIP traffic, it does not have the time to wait for additional inspection and in some instances the sheer amount of traffic being directed at a single destination can be misconstrued as an attack and the traffic will be blocked. See the steps below to exclude your GoTo Connect traffic from this process.
    1. After logging in to your router and selecting the Manage section, select Security Services > Intrusion Prevention.
    2. Select Configure IPS Settings from the configuration menu. If you see Upgrade Required instead of the IPS configuration menu, click here to learn what that means and what options you have.
    3. Choose Specify Manually.
    4. Select the Allow IPS Exclusion List checkbox and then make sure the radio button for Use Address Object is selected.
    5. From the drop-down menu for network objects, choose the GoTo Connect object group that you created earlier.
    6. Select OK > Accept to save the change.