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How do I intercom a line or ring group?

Page an individual phone, or even an entire ring group, by automatically activating their speakerphone—unless the receiving phone is on another call or set to do not disturb.

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Before you begin: This feature is automatically enabled when you create a line. If it has been disabled, contact your system admin.
Intercom is different from multicast paging, but can be used as a simple workaround if multicast paging is not an option (e.g., equipment limitations or various locations across multiple networks).
  1. Dial * + ext from your phone.
    Note: Ring groups are automatically compatible with the intercom feature. Dialing * + ring group extension will cause members of that ring group to auto-answer your call on speaker. To avoid confusion (and feedback), members of the target ring group will only RECEIVE audio and will not SEND audio to the call.
    With ring groups, what happens when?
    Question Answer
    One member of the ring group is on a call?
    • On a Linksys/Cisco SPA, it will interrupt the call.
    • On a Snom and Polycom, it won’t interrupt the call, it will just ring in the background.
    One member of the ring group is an external number? The call proceeds as normal and the lines will immediately pick up. External numbers will begin ringing and will hear the intercom as soon as the call is answered.
    One member of the ring group is on Do Not Disturb (DND)? The call proceeds as normal, but the member on DND is ignored.
    One member of the ring group is a line with intercom disabled? The disabled setting is overruled, and the line will auto-answer the call.
  2. Say what you need to say.
  3. Hang up.