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Create User Groups in the GoTo Admin Center (classic)

Admins can create user groups (e.g., Sales, Marketing) and subgroups to better manage their account. Groups typically reflect an organization's structure, such as departments, projects, or teams with similar settings and permissions.

User groups and subgroups can be used to quickly select multiple users at once to update settings or licenses in bulk. However, you can always update any specific user's settings regardless of their assigned user group.

Important: Please excuse our mess while we improve your admin experience! We are in the process of migrating all accounts to the new GoTo Admin experience. The article below is meant for admins who use the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at to administer their account. If you're an admin who uses GoTo Admin at, please visit our GoTo Admin support site for help.

Add a user group or subgroup

You can create new groups and/or subgroups. Subgroups can have multiple levels (e.g., Group > Subgroup 1, Subgroup 2, Subgroup 3, etc.), and those subgroups can be assigned to either another subgroup or a parent group (e.g., Subgroup 3 can be assigned to Subgroup 2, Subgroup 1, or Group).

  1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
  2. Select Manage User Groups in the navigation menu.
  3. Select + Add a Group and enter a user group name.
  4. Optional: If you'd like this entry to be a subgroup of an existing group or subgroup, select the Subgroup of drop-down menu and select the desired group or subgroup.
    Tip: Each group and/or subgroup name must be unique.
    Adding a new group or subgroup
  5. Select Save.

Change product settings for a user group

You can change feature settings for all users within a group, or a selection of users within a group or subgroup.

  1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
  2. Select Manage User Groups in the navigation menu.
  3. Choose the user group and then select its Gear Icon.

    Result: All list of all users in that user group will be displayed.

    Tip: By default, all users in the group are selected. Uncheck the box next to any user you do not want to change.

  4. Choose a product tab to view a list of available features.
  5. Under 2) Change Settings, select each feature to modify the setting for all selected users. If applicable, additional customizations are available in the Details column.
    GoTo Meeting feature settings for selected users

Add users to a user group

You can bulk assign multiple users to a user group or subgroup.

  1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
  2. Select Manage Users in the navigation menu.
  3. Check the box next to each user to select.
  4. At the bottom, locate Group Users and choose a group or subgroup from the drop-down menu.
Results: Your selected users have been assigned to your chosen group or subgroup.
Article last updated: 28 July, 2023