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How do I use an auto attendant in a dial plan?

    Add an auto attendant to your dial plan to provide callers with more customized call routing options.
    1. If you are not already, sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. Select Phone system > Call routes > Dial plans.
    3. Choose the dial plan you want to edit.

      Result: The dial plan editor will launch in a separate window.

    4. Drag and drop the Auto attendant node in the library to the desired spot on the workspace.
    5. Drag and drop Target Icon of the previous node to the left side of the Auto attendant node, connecting the nodes to prevent dropped calls.
    6. Complete the following settings:
      Setting Description
      Choose Choose the sound clip that will play.

      You also have an option to select Create new sound clip to record or upload a sound clip. For detailed steps on how to complete the Add media fields, refer to How do I add a sound clip or music file?

      Timeout Enter the time (in seconds) that the caller has to select an option before going to the “On timeout go to” call flow (time begins after the sound clip ends).
      Allow extension dialing If checked, the caller can dial (at any time) and be routed to any system extension. A dialed auto attendant option will take precedence over a dialed extension.
      On timeout The caller is routed to this call flow if no option is dialed during the timeout period.
      On invalid The caller is routed to this call flow if an invalid option is dialed.
      Dialable Options Enter the dialable codes from which the caller can choose. Dialable codes can be numbers, #, *, or any combination.
      + Add option Adds dialable option rows. There is no limit to the number of options that be added.
    7. Continue to build the call flow.
    8. Select Save.