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How do I set up alerts for user-level call quality?

    Set up custom email notifications for user-level call quality degradation and resolutions.
    User-level watchlist alerts are for call quality metrics only and do not include meeting quality metrics.
    Before you begin: You must have a user(s) added to the Watchlist card to view user-level average call quality.
    1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. Select Home > System Health, to open your system health dashboard.
    3. Select the Time picker on the top right to choose the desired data set.
      Note: The default is 24 hours.
    4. Locate the Watchlist widget.
    5. Select Options and Alerts icon > Manage Alerts.
    6. Enable Send Alerts.
    7. Choose your preferred sensitivity level from the drop-down menu; high, medium, or low.
      Note: The sensitivity level corresponds with the issue detection threshold which then triggers email alerts.
    8. Search or a choose user from the drop-down menu to receive email notifications when an alert is triggered.
    9. Choose the user to add and then select Add Icon.
    10. When all users have been added, select Save.

      Result: All configured alert recipients will receive an email for each degradation (and resolution) event of users managed in the Watchlist card.