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How do I control who has access to my billing portal?

Manage user access in your billing portal to keep this sensitive information secure.

If your billing portal looks like this:

Attention: In this billing portal, you must be assigned as a billing admin inside of the billing portal itself to have access. The user who initially signed up for the product is automatically assigned as a billing admin and would have the access needed to perform these steps. Being assigned the Super admin or Admin role in your admin portal only allows you to easily navigate to this billing portal login page through the app switcher.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From the top navigation menu of your admin portal, select App Switcher Icon then select Billing to launch your associated billing portal in a new tab.

    Troubleshooting: If you do not have this option, go to the My Account page at and select Go to Billing to access your billing portal.

  3. From Manage Billing Admins, choose what you would like to do:
    • Edit an existing billing admin
    • Delete an existing billing admin
    • Add a new billing admin
Results: Please note that this does not automatically give this user access to your GoTo Admin account. This assignment as a billing admin is specific to accessing the billing portal only and does not replace the need to assign the appropriate user roles in the admin portal.

If your billing portal looks like this:

In this billing portal, you do not have the ability to add billing admins independently from your admin portal. Access to this billing portal is controlled through the use of assigned roles in your admin portal. Currently, any users assigned to the Super admin or Admin role would have access to this billing portal through the app switcher.