How do I add a user?

Add a user to your account with various permissions and licenses for the products you purchased.

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Note: For specific steps on adding a GoToConnect user, watch this video.
  1. If you are not already, log in to your admin portal.
  2. From People > Users, select Add User.
  3. Select the checkbox next to each product license you want to add to the new user, and then select Next.

    Tip: If you are adding an administrative user without products, you do not need to select a checkbox.

  4. Enter the new user's name and email address.

    Tip: If multiple users will have the same configuration of products and roles, you can select + Add another user or Import users to upload an existing .csv. Verify you have enough available licenses before moving forward.

  5. Complete each field of the form.
    1. Apply a settings template. Choose the system default or your custom settings if you have previously created a settings template.
    2. Choose a role.

      Notice: If you are assigned the admin role (not super admin), you will not be able to view or assign a role to the new users. They will be created as members.

    3. If applicable, apply a user group.
    4. Choose a language.
    5. Choose a welcome email or select the checkbox to decline sending.
  6. Select Send Invitation when complete.

    Result: The user will receive the welcome email with steps on how to begin using the system. If the user exists on another account, they will be sent an invitation to transfer to your account. If a user does not receive the welcome email within 10 minutes, have them check their junk/spam folders. You can also re-send the invitation.

What to do next: Send the new user the Getting Started Guide for Users to help get them acquainted with the softphone app. If they are using a physical phone, send them the appropriate phone guide for their device. Users can visit the specific product support sites for help with other product licenses as needed.