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How do I add a user?

Manually add new user(s) to your account with product licenses, permissions role, basic settings, and then send them a welcome email to get started!

Before you begin:
  • You must be a Super admin to add new users with an Admin role/permission assigned to them.
  • If you want to automatically apply pre-set product settings to new users, you will need to create a product settings template prior to this task.
  • If you want to add your new user(s) to a user group, you will need to have created a user group prior to performing this task.
  • If you want to send a custom welcome email to your new users, you will need to customize your email templates in Account settings before adding users otherwise, the default welcome email will be sent.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From People > Users, selectAdd Person Icon Add User on the top-right.
  3. Choose products for the people you want to invite by selecting the product checkboxes and then select Next. You can skip this step if you are adding an administrative user(s) without products.
    Add users select products screen
    • Remember to expand the product for additional settings.
    • If you are adding multiple new users and they will need different products or settings, you will need to invite them separately.
    • If you do not have a product license available, refer to How do I manage my product licenses?
  4. Enter the new user's name and business email address. If multiple users will have the same configuration of products and roles, you can select + Add another user or Import from CSV.
    Important: Verify the email address you've entered is correct. You cannot change the email address later.
    • Only 100 users at a time can be imported from a CSV. If you need to import more than 100 users, you will need to import them in additional CSV files.
    • If you are adding users via CSV import, please note this process takes approximately 24 hours before new users are reflected in GoTo Admin.
    • GoTo Partners will also have options to import directly from available PSA providers.
    • New users with a GoTo Connect license may also have fields available to choose an extension, emergency location, phone number and texting for that phone number (if there are unassigned phone numbers available).
  5. Select Next.
  6. Choose a product settings template from the drop-down list. Choose the system default or your custom settings if you have previously created a settings template.
  7. Choose an account role.
    Notice: Only Super admins can create users with the Super admin/Admin role. Admins will only be able to create users with a member role.
  8. Optional: If applicable, apply a user group.
  9. Choose a language.
  10. Choose a time zone.
  11. Choose a welcome email. Choose the default welcome email or your custom welcome email if you have previously created a custom email template.
  12. Select Add user when complete.

    Result: The user will receive the welcome email with steps on how to begin using the system. If the user exists on another account, they will be sent an invitation to transfer to your account. If a user does not receive the welcome email within 10 minutes, have them check their junk/spam folders. You can also re-send the invitation.

What to do next: Send the new user the Getting Started Guide for Users to help get them acquainted with the GoTo app. If they are using a physical phone, send them the appropriate phone guide for their device. Users can visit the specific product support sites for help with other products as needed.
Article last updated: 23 August, 2023