User Guide

GoTo Webinar Virtual Events

Learn how to set up and get started with virtual events

1What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an event (such as a conference) that happens on the web rather than a physical location. They can span over a couple days with multiple webinar sessions per day. They are highly interactive and aim to create a similar experience to in-person events.

Virtual events are different than individual webinars in the following ways.

  • Organizers can manage all sessions from a single view.
  • Organizers can access enhanced reporting.
  • Attendees can view an agenda to keep track of ongoing and upcoming sessions.
  • Attendees can customize their own event calendar and set up notifications for interested sessions.

2Schedule a virtual event

  1. Sign in to your GoTo Webinar account.
  2. Select Schedule +.
  3. Select Virtual Event and enter your event details. If your event takes place over multiple days, select + Multiple Days then choose an end date.
  4. Select Schedule.

If you need more details, see How do I schedule a virtual event? on the support site.

3Start a session

You can view all scheduled sessions in the Agenda & Sessions section of the event details.

  1. Sign in to your GoTo Webinar account.
  2. Select the virtual event and scroll to the Agenda & Sessions section.
  3. In the upcoming session, select the More icon then Start.
  4. The GoTo Opener will launch and place you in the GoTo Webinar desktop app. See How do I use the Control Panel? for more details.
Start a Session

4Generate reports

After the virtual event, you can generate a Virtual Event Executive Summary and a Virtual Event Registration Report. The executive summary shows high-level summary statistics for the sessions from the event, a detailed attendee report, and a report on recording views. The registration report shows the total number of registrants and when each person registered for the event. See How do I generate a webinar report? for more details on how to build a report.

5View additional FAQs

If you have more questions on virtual events, please see the FAQs on our support site.

If you need additional help, please visit the support site.