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Virtual Events User Guide

Learn how to schedule and manage a virtual event.

What is a virtual event?

Virtual Events for GoTo Webinar allows you to host a multi-session, multi-day interactive online event in one place.

It's a simple, cost-effective way to move your multi-session in-person events online, making them accessible in one single construct for organizers and attendees. Organizers have the option to customize and brand the event without an event planner.
  • Events are live (using the Webcast type webinar)and all content will be available on-demand during or after the scheduled event.
  • Agenda can be customized to reflect brand and corporate identity.
  • Reporting is available at all times to improve audience engagement.

Attendees will register once for the virtual event regardless of how many or which sessions they plan to attend. Once registered, they can customize their own event calendar and set up notifications for interested sessions.

Schedule a Virtual Event

Schedule a virtual event to plan a one- or multi-day event with multiple webinar sessions.
Virtual Events can currently only be scheduled as a Webcast-type webinar.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Select Virtual Event then enter your event details (date and time).
  4. Select Schedule.
  5. Customize the event.
    • Create Event – Update event dates and times, add organizers and their bios, change auto-record setting.
    • Registration – Update event description, edit attendee registration questions, add event image.
    • Panelists – Add panelists and speakers and their details to your virtual event.
    • Agenda & SessionsAdd live and recorded sessions to your virtual event.
    • Emails – Customize the reply-to emails and confirmation and follow-up emails.
  6. Select Preview to see what attendees will see when they register.
    Schedule a Virtual Event
Results: Your virtual event is all set. Share the event using the registration URL.

Add Sessions to a Virtual Event

Organizers can add live and recorded sessions to their virtual event agenda.

Before you begin: Schedule a virtual event in your dashboard.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select the virtual event you scheduled.
  3. Open the Agenda & Sessions field then select + New Live Session or + New Recorded Session.
  4. If you are adding a Recorded session (also called "Simulated Live webinars"), choose a recording that is already stored in your Video Library then select Add.
    Note: You can change the recording at any point until the scheduled session start time. Co-organizers cannot change the recording.
  5. Enter the session and speaker details.
    Troubleshooting: Panelists and speakers must be added at the virtual event level. If you do not see any speakers listed in the drop-down, go back to the Event Details page and add them in the Panelists section first.
  6. Edit the ways you want to engage your attendees.
  7. Select Done.
    Add Sessions to Virtual Events
Results: Your session will appear on the agenda. You can schedule as many sessions as you'd like but will need multiple licenses on the same account to run overlapping sessions.

Generate Reports

After the virtual event ends, generate a Virtual Event Executive Summary or a Virtual Event Registration Report.

The executive summary shows high-level summary statistics for the sessions from the event, a detailed attendee report, and a report on recording views.

The registration report shows the total number of registrants and when each person registered for the event.

View Generate a Webinar Report to learn how to build a report.

Virtual Events FAQs

Review the frequently asked questions about virtual events.

Can attendees dial in to the virtual event?

No. All users need to join from a browser connected to audio via Computer audio (VoIP).

Can I record a virtual event?

While you cannot record the entire virtual event in one file, you can record individual sessions as you would a regular webinar.

Can I run overlapping or parallel sessions?

In order to run overlapping or parallel sessions (e.g., three webinars at the same time) during a virtual event, you will need multiple GoTo Webinar accounts. Please reach out to your account manager to buy more licenses or contact sales.

Are there bugs or limitations?

Yes, the GoTo Webinar team is actively working on the following bugs or limitations:
  • Emails cannot be customized or edited. This functionality is coming soon!
  • Reports can be generated on one event at a time.
  • Speakers and messages are not displayed in the Waiting Room.

Can attendees register during the middle of an event?

Yes, attendees can register and join the session in the middle of an event. They will go through the same registration process.

Can attendees join a virtual event from the GoTo Webinar mobile app?

Yes, attendees can join virtual events from a mobile device but will need the GoTo Webinar mobile app downloaded.

Is there a registration limit for an event?

Although there is no registration limit on the virtual event itself, there is a limit on the individual sessions. For specific sessions, registration works the same way as regular Webcast webinars. The registration limit is set to 10x the allowed attendees (3,000 attendees for Enterprise plans and 1,000 attendees for Pro plans).

Article last updated: 14 March, 2023