Track Registrants

Track your registrants and view their registration details including registration date and time, approval status, and more! You can also download the Registration Report from this page.

Access Registrants page

From the Dashboard, either schedule a new webinar or open an existing one. Access the Registrants page in the following ways:

  • Under the About field, click Registered next to the webinar details.
  • Under the Registration field, click the number of Registrants under "Tracking Registrants".

Tracking features

You can view a list of all registered attendees and take the following actions.

  • Registrant name – View the selected registrant's details and answers to the Registration form.
  • Search icon – Search for a specific registrant.
  • Invite icon – Open the Registration page to your webinar.
  • Download icon – Download the webinar's Registration Report.
  • Bar Graph icon – Open your Analytics page.
  • Copy icon – Copy the Registration URL and paste it anywhere you'd like.
  • Cancel Registration – Cancel the selected attendees registration.
  • Resend Confirmation Email – Resend the webinar's Confirmation email to selected attendees.