Password Protect a Webinar

As an organizer, you can choose to password-protect your webinars. Once password-protected, your attendees will need to enter a secret password of your choosing to join the webinar. Note that only local recording is available for password-protected webinars.

Remember that you must send the password to your participants or they won't be able to enter the meeting. For security reasons, GoToWebinar doesn't send the password for you.

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1. Log in to your account at

2. From the Dashboard, either schedule a new event or open an existing one.

3. On the Event Details page, open the Registration section.

4. Click + Password under "Password".

5. Enter the password to your webinar and click Save password. You can then show the password to confirm what you entered or copy the password to easily paste anywhere.

Note: When you invite others to the webinar, be sure to inform them of the secret password that you intend to set. GoToWebinar will not automatically send it for them, or remember it for you.

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