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How do I share my screen? (Mac)

Organizers can share their screen to attendees during a webinar. You can choose to share your primary monitor or even a single application.

Start screen sharing

1. In the Screen Sharing pane of the Control Panel, use the drop-down menu to select which portion of your screen you would like to share.

You will see a preview of your selection indicated by a green highlight.

  • To share your entire desktop, select Main Screen.
  • To share only an application, select it in the menu. Only applications that are currently open (i.e., not minimized) will be shown.

2. Click the Play button above the drop-down menu to start the broadcast of your screen for other participants. You can pause or stop sharing at any time.


Pause/restart screen sharing

When you pause screen sharing, the image of the screen currently being shown will freeze until you stop or restart the broadcast.

1. In the Screen Sharing pane, click the Pause button .

2. A "Paused" message will appear at the top of the Screen Sharing pane, and the Pause icon will switch to Play . To restart screen sharing, click the Play button.

3. You can pause or restart screen sharing at any time.


Stop screen sharing

When you stop screen sharing, attendees will see the Hallway again and a message that the organizer's screen is not being shared.

1. Click either of the following buttons:

  • Click the Stop button in the Screen Sharing pane.
  • Click the green Screen button on the Grab Tab.

2. You can start screen sharing again at any time, or invite others to share their screen by making them Presenter.