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How do I find my GoTo Network Test passphrase or system code?

Locate your GoTo Network Test (GTNT) passphrase or system code. The system code can be used to add a network probe in GoTo Admin. The passphrase can be provided to our customer support team so we can help you test your network.

Before you begin: Install GoTo Network Test on a computer that is directly connected to the network you’d like to test. The system code feature is being rolled out incrementally and may not yet be available on your account.
  1. Open GoTo Network Test from your system applications.

    Result: The GoTo icon will appear in your menu bar (Mac) or taskbar (Windows).
    GTNT taskbar icon

  2. Open the GoTo Network Test drop-down menu.
    Operating System How-to
    Mac Select the GoTo icon in the menu bar.
    Windows Right-click the GoTo icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.
    Note: You may have to select Show hidden icons if your GoTo icon is hidden.
  3. Select Show GoTo Network Test.
  4. From the System tab, locate your Passphrase (it is four unrelated words) or System Code and write it down.
What to do next: If adding a GTNT probe in GoTo Admin, refer to How do I add a GoTo Network Test probe? If you need help with testing your network, select the Contact Support option in this article.
Article last updated: 3 April, 2023