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Test Your Network in the Desktop GoTo app

Test your network performance with GoTo Network Test (GTNT) which is already built into the desktop GoTo app.

Before you begin: You must be using the desktop GoTo app to perform this task. If you do not have the desktop GoTo app you will need to manually download and install GTNT on your device.
  1. Open the desktop GoTo app.
  2. Select Help in the top menu bar.
  3. Choose Troubleshooting > Start network test from the drop-down menu.

    Result: The test will launch in a new browser window and may take a few minutes.

  4. After the test is complete, select the product tabs at the top to review how your network is performing with your GoTo Webinar products.


    • If your network test results show any issues, please contact your internet service provider to review your network connectivity.

Article last updated: 9 August, 2023