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How do I automatically record a webinar?

Organizers can choose to have the desktop app automatically start recording as soon as the webinar broadcast begins. This auto-recording feature can be enabled for all future webinars from the Settings page or for specific webinars from the Event Details page (or Control Panel).

The auto-record feature is available for Standard and Webcast webinar events only.

Enable/disable for all future webinars

You can do this from the Settings page.

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Settings icon in the left navigation.
  2. Open the Recording section.
  3. Switch the Start recording automatically when broadcast begins toggle to the "On" position.

Enable/disable for a specific webinar

You can enable or disable (if you have the auto-record setting "on") a specific webinar by editing the webinar details.
  1. On the Dashboard, either schedule a new webinar or open an existing one.
  2. On the Event Details page, open the Settings section.
  3. Switch the Automatically start recording toggle to the "On" of "Off" position.
  4. If you've launched the webinar but haven't began broadcasting, you can also check the "Record on start" box found at the top of the Control Panel.