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Get Started with Recording

Follow this overview to get started with recording.

There are two types of recording methods:

  • Online or cloud recording - Your session recordings will automatically be saved online and in your Video Library. From there, you can view, download, and share them with attendees. If you want to include shared webcams, you should use online recording.
  • Local recording - Your session recording will be saved as a file on your local computer hard drive. In order to view or share them with attendees, the recording will need to be converted to a .MP4 format using the Recording Manager and uploaded to your Video Library. If you record a password-protected webinar, your recording will be saved locally for security purposes.

How do I set my default recording setting?

You can set your default recording setting (online vs. local) from the Settings page. Learn more about your account default settings in the classic experience and the new experience.

What is auto-record?

You can choose to have GoTo Webinar automatically begin the recording as soon as the broadcast begins. Learn more about auto-recording in the classic experience and the new experience.

How do I record the session?

Organizers and co-organizers can start and pause the recording during the session using the Control Panel. Learn more about recording the session in the classic experience and the new experience.

The session is over. What do I do now?

If you are using online recording, you can head over to your web account and view your Recording (classic experience) or Video Library (new experience). It may take some time for the video to process and save.

If you are using local recording, you must convert the file format to .MP4 using the Recording Manager. If the Recording Manager did not automatically launch, right-click the Daisy icon in the system tray and click Convert Recordings. Learn more about converting the session recording. After the file has been converted, you can upload the recording to your library.

How do I share the recording with attendees?

There are a couple ways you can share the recording with attendees. You can download and upload the recording to send to attendees, send them a direct link to the recording, share the link on a social media page, or add it to your channel page. If you add the recording to your channel, it will be available to all GoTo Stage viewers unless you have updated your privacy setting. Learn more about sharing in the classic experience and the new experience.