How do I charge attendees to join webinars?

GoToWebinar organizers can accept payments on their webinar registration pages by connecting GoToWebinar with Stripe, a third-party payment integration. This allows you to charge for your content, increase revenue and manage payments, all from GoToWebinar. Registrants can pay online using major credit and debit cards (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

Once your GoToWebinar account is connected to Stripe, you can set a price for your webinar, accept payments online in US dollars, receive payments to your Stripe account, and manage and issue cancellations and refunds.

Before you begin...

Read through the following for additional details.
  • You must be using the new GoToWebinar experience.
  • Stripe is currently the only supported payment service.
  • You need to have a verified Stripe account to be able to accept payments for your webinars.
  • Your attendees need a major credit or debit card to register and pay – they do not need to have Stripe accounts.
  • Stripe charges a fee per transaction (fee varies by currency, see Stripe's pricing for details.
  • You can test payments by setting your webinar at a price and going through the registration flow as an attendee. You can refund yourself afterwards.

Connect your GoToWebinar account to your Stripe account (admins only)

Admins can connect their GoToWebinar account to a Stripe account from the GoToWebinar Settings page or Admin Center.

  1. Make sure you have a Stripe account created.
  2. Whether you're in the GoToWebinar dashboard or Admin Center, follow these steps:
    • GoToWebinar – Sign in at, select Settings > Set up GoToWebinar Payments in the Accept Payments field. This will take you to the Admin Center.
    • Admin Center –Log in at, click Admin Settings in the left menu and Set up next to "Add Payments".
  3. Click Connect with Stripe. Follow the prompts to connect your Stripe account to GoToWebinar. Once completed, you should see a Success message.
    Note: By connecting to Stripe, you are allowing all GoToWebinar users on your account to accept payments for their webinars.

Add a price to your webinar (organizers)

  1. Log in at

  2. Either schedule a new webinar event or open an existing one.
  3. From the Event Details, open Payments. By default, all webinars are set to free.
  4. Click Free and enter the amount and currency you want to charge each registrant, and click Save Amount.
    Note: You may want to add cancellation and/or refund information in the description field of the webinar so as to be clear to registrants how you handle cancellations and/or refunds. This description is also added to the Confirmation email your registrants receive after they register and pay.

Check for paid registrants

  1. Open your Registrants list and see each registrant and the amount paid.
  2. Alternatively, you can check your Stripe dashboard and view each payment. The Stripe dashboard will also show Stripe fees.

Cancel a registrant and issue a full refund

  1. Open your Registrants list .
  2. Locate the desired registrant and cancel their registration. If you’d like to issue a refund, check the Issue Refund box and cancel their registration.
  3. Please review the following notes on refunds:
    • At this time, we only issue full refunds, no partial refunds (i.e., if registrant paid $100 and you issue a refund from GoToWebinar, they will receive $100 back).
    • If you'd like to issue a partial refund (or full refund), you can always do that from your Stripe dashboard by logging in at
    • Stripe does not issue refunds of their transaction fee. Please check Stripe's site for more details.