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Are there any known issues with the Accept Payments feature?

Our team is actively working on resolving these known issues.

Webinars can be oversold.

The registration limit can be up to ten times the attendee limit (i.e., if your attendee limit is 100, then the registration limit could be up to 1,000). If an attendee registers and pays for a webinar after the registration limit has been met, they will get a broken Join link. There are a couple ways to address this.
Note: This known issue applies to the After Session Video as well.

Refunds are not displayed in the GoTo Webinar dashboard.

If you issue a full refund through Stripe, it is not reflected in the GoTo Webinar dashboard. Please keep a separate note of registrants who were issued refunds to prevent confusion.

Multiple GoTo Webinar accounts cannot be linked to the same Stripe account.

Account admins should not connect multiple GoTo Webinar accounts to one Stripe account. This may cause a broken state when one account disconnects from Stripe.

Registration API is not supported.

We currently do not allow payments and registration using an API.

Webinar prices and discount codes are not copied over.

If you copy a previously scheduled webinar, the payment prices and discount codes are not copied over. Please re-add the prices and discount codes once the new webinar is scheduled.

Users hit a "Try Again" error message.

There are a couple reasons why you or your attendees may hit an error. Please read through the following troubleshooting tips.
  • Make sure your account is fully set up by checking Stripe's Standard Accounts Guide and their recommended actions. Contact Stripe for more help.
  • Verify in your Stripe dashboard that GoTo Webinar is authorized.
  • Have your registrants check their credit card to make sure it hasn't been declined.
  • Select Contact Support to reach our Customer Care team.

GoTo Stage is not supported.

You currently can not charge attendees to view webinars on your GoTo Stage channel.