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Accept Payments FAQs

View frequently asked questions about the Accept Payments feature.

Setup FAQs

Do we need to have a Stripe account for me to process online payments?

Yes. You must have a confirmed and verified Stripe account to use the Accept Payment feature.

Do registrants need a Stripe account to pay?

No. Your customers can pay with a major credit or debit card (i.e., Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Express).

Is Stripe the only payment integration option?

Yes, we only support Stripe at this time.

Is there a way to set up Stripe for our entire GoTo Webinar Corporate account and not just per organizer?

Yes, you can enable all GoTo Webinar organizers to be able to accept payments through your Stripe account. See Accept Payments.

Are there any additional fees?

Stripe charges a fee per transaction (fee varies by currency; view Stripe's pricing for details). GoTo Webinar does not charge any additional fees.

If I have to cancel and refund a registrant, will the Stripe fee be refunded?

No. Stripe does not issue refunds on their fee. Please check Stripe's site for more details.

Is there a way to test the payment integration?

Currently, the best way to test is to set your webinar with a payment of any amount in any currency. Then go through the flow as an attendee and use your credit card to purchase the webinar. You can always refund yourself the money from GoTo Webinar or Stripe. Please see question above.

What browser should registrants use?
We support the following browsers. If a registrant is using an unsupported browser, they will not be able to register for a paid webinar. They must use a supported browser to register and pay for the webinar.
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox v34+
  • Apple Safari 6+
  • Google Chrome v34+
Can we use the Registration APIs along with payments?

No, this is currently not available.

Can we use a different registration page?

No. Registration must be done using the current GoTo Webinar Registration pages.

What if registrants use a mobile device to register?

That’s okay! Registrants using a web browser and/or the GoTo Webinar mobile app will see the payment wall.

How do I disconnect my Stripe account and/or change it to another Stripe account?
If you disconnect your Stripe account and have any paid webinars in progress, they will automatically become free.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Admin Settings in the left menu and Disconnect next to "Add Payments".
How many people can register and attend my session?

GoTo Webinar allows you to set your registration limit at 10x the attendee limit (e.g., if your account supports 100 attendees, you can set your registration limit to 1,000). We do not have anything set up to stop registrations from signing up and paying once you’ve reached the attendee limit. Keep an eye out on your registrant list and stop publicizing your event once your attendee limit is reached.

Can I do early bird pricing and change the price at any time?

Yes, you can change the price at any time. Simply go to the Payment section of the Event Details page and change the price at any time you want!

Scheduling FAQs

Can I offer a promo code or coupon to offer a discount or allow a free entry?

Yes. You can create as many discount codes as you’d like. Click + Discount Code and enter the discounted price along with the discount code, then click Update.

Can I offer a free entry to someone?
There are multiple ways to offer free entry.
  • Add discount codes – For example, you can create a “FREEPROMO” discount code with a $0 price.
  • Invite as panelist or co-organizer – You can invite the user as a panelist or co-organizer, which will give them some webinar controls. This option is good for a coworker or someone you want in the webinar that you trust.
  • Disable payment – You can change the payment back to "free" to allow registrants to register for free. Then add a price again to accept payments.

Do co-organizers or panelists have to pay to attend the webinar?

No. Co-organizers and panelists do not have to pay to attend the webinar.

Can I offer refunds if someone needs to cancel?

Yes. See Cancellation FAQs.

What kind of events can I schedule to charge attendees?

You can accept payments on live, recorded, and webcast webinars and virtual events, depending on your subscription.

What currencies are supported?
You can charge in the following currencies. See here for Stripe's minimum and maximum charge amount based on currency.
  • United States dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Canadian dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • Danish krone
  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Mexican peso
  • Norwegian krone
  • Swedish krona
Can we charge for recurring webinars?
Yes! When you schedule recurring webinars, keep in mind the different registration types.
  • All – Registrants will attend all sessions (i.e., this can be a class or workshop that meets 4 times with the same people each time).
  • Individual - Registrants will only attend the selected sessions (i.e., this may be the same topic that you host again and again but different people attend each one).
Can I continue to charge new registrants to watch the recording after the live session?

Yes! If you recorded a live webinar event, simply distribute the same Registration URL that you used before the event and attach a recording. The Registration URL will then take paid registrants to the recording.

For example, if you hosted and recorded a webinar called “Project Management 101” and charged registrants $100 to attend, you can share your Registration URL ( so future registrants can pay to view the recording.

For an on-demand video, you may prefer to use Recorded Webinar Events (Simulated Live Webinars).
Note: Registrants will receive a unique video link once they pay. It is possible for users to share or post that link. If you do not want users to share the link, please add a disclaimer to the event details or a note to your emails.
How long are webinar event recordings available?

The recording is available as long as your GoTo Webinar account is active and until your seat limit is met (e.g., the number of attendees is reached). If you’d like to remove the recording so it can no longer be viewed, you can remove it at any time.

How do I attach a recording to an event?
This can be done under “Registration” in the event details. Select + After Session Video to add a recording to that session. After the webinar ends, registrants will be sent this video. Alternatively, you can choose to attach recordings to your sessions automatically in your settings.
Note: Attendees can copy and share the After Session Video URL with anyone (including those who have not paid). Please notify your attendees that this link is not meant to be shared in the event details or a as a note in your emails. Alternatively, you can remove the After Session Video or remove it after a certain amount of time.
How do I automatically attach the session recording to a webinar after it’s over?
You can choose to automatically attach a session recording with the webinar from the Settings page. This means you won't have to manually add a recording after the session is over!
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click Settings in the left menu and Recording.
  3. Check the Save Recordings to Video Library box.
Can a session recording be sent to attendees and absentees who paid?

Yes. If you include a video (See “How do I attach a recording to an event?”) in the Follow Up Email for either attendees or absentees, they will have access to the recording without having to pay again. The recording link is not meant to be shared but can be by your registrants.

Can I charge for an on demand video?

Yes. Make sure the video has been added to your GoTo Webinar Video Library then schedule a Recorded event. Remember to select the "On-demand" option. See Recorded Webinar Events (Simulated Live Webinars).

Why can’t I preview the payment portion on the Registration page?

This is a known issue. As a workaround, click on the Registration URL and you will see the Registration page.

Can co-organizers edit payment info?

Yes. If you have co-organizers, they can see and edit any payment information (including discount codes) you created. Pick your co-organizers wisely!

Registration & Join FAQs

My registrants are saying they did not get a confirmation email. What do I do?
There are a couple things you can do:
  • Tell your attendees to check their Spam or Junk email folders.
  • Tell your attendees to add to their contacts. Confirmation emails come from that email address.
  • Resend the confirmation email.
  • Call our Customer Support team to check the bounce list for any denylisted email address. We denylist any email addresses that give us repeated delivery errors.
Can I resend the confirmation email?

Yes! View Send Confirmation Emails to Registrants.

Should I use automatic or manual approvals?

We recommend you use automatic approvals. In this case, registrants will automatically get a confirmation email once they pay. If you set the approval type to Manual, registrants will pay first and then see a “Pending approval by organizer” screen.

Can I add my own disclaimer as the Terms of Agreement?

Yes! See Add Fields to Webinar Registration Form.

After someone pays for the webinar, how many devices can they join from?

An attendee can join from up to 3 separate devices. GoTo Webinar allows this in case attendees have trouble joining from their machine, Once attendees try to join from a 4th device, they will hit an error.

Can registrants share their Join link so others can join for free?

The default confirmation email has a “Note: This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you” message, you can choose to include an additional note that the Join link is only for paying attendees only.

If an attendee pays for a session, can they watch the attached recording (After Session Video) for free?

Yes. You can choose to add a recording in the follow-up emails. Keep in mind that the recording can be watched as many times while it is posted and the link can be shared widely by your attendees. To avoid this, you can choose to make the recording available for a certain amount of time after the webinar and remove the link once it’s time.

Cancellation FAQs

Where can I state my cancellation and refund policy?

Currently, the best place to add your cancellation and refund policy is in the webinar event description. In the Event Details, click in the Description field and add your policy.

Can I remove the option of cancelling registration from the reminder emails?

No. The Cancel Registration link is not customizable at this time. You should have a disclaimer about cancellation on your end.

Can I offer refunds if someone needs to cancel?

Yes, this is your choice. View How do I cancel a registrant and issue a full refund?

If I have to cancel and refund a registrant, will the Stripe fee be refunded?

No. Unfortunately Stripe does not appear to issue refunds on their fees; however, please check your agreement with Stripe.

You may want to consider refunding on a limited basis or not offering refunds to your customers.