Share Your Screen (Mac Desktop App)

You can share your screen during a session, which allows you to present a document, presentation or anything else you'd like to attendees. You can choose to share your primary monitor or even a single application.

Topics in this article:

Share your entire screen

Share a single application

Pause or stop sharing your screen or app

Share a real whiteboard


Share your entire screen

Using this option will broadcast your entire screen to all other participants.

1. Start the broadcast of your screen in either of the following ways:

  • Click the Screen button in the Screen Sharing pane.
  • Click the Screen button in the Grab tab.

2. Your entire screen will immediately be shared. You can pause or stop the broadcast at any time.


Share a single application

When you share an application, attendees will see only that application and no other part of your screen.

1. In the Screen Sharing pane, click the App button .

2. In the drop-down menu, select the application that you want to share. Only applications that are currently open (i.e., not minimized) will be shown.

3. Once you select an app, it will be immediately shared with other participants. You can pause or stop the broadcast at any time.


Pause or stop sharing your screen or app

  • To pause sharing, click the Pause button in the Screen Sharing pane. When you pause screen sharing, the image of the screen currently being shown will freeze until you stop or restart the broadcast.

  • To stop sharing, click the Screen or App button again (or click the Screen button in the Grab Tab). When you stop screen sharing, attendees will see the Hallway again and a message that the organizer's screen is not being shared.


Share a real whiteboard

Sightboard uses your HD webcam (and a little magic!) to broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time, allowing them to collaborate as if they were standing right in front of it. Sightboard can even see behind you as you write on the board and will automatically save snap shots documenting each change you make.

See Share a Whiteboard (Mac) for more information.


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