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How do I use the Miro whiteboard?

All participants in a training can collaborate using the Miro whiteboard. To learn more about Miro, view the Miro Help Center.
Before you begin:
  • You do not need a Miro account to use this feature.
  • Miro boards are available in breakout rooms, but are not included in recordings.
  • We recommend setting your camera position to the right or left side-bar for an optimal working experience.

  1. During the training, select Share > Miro whiteboard.
  2. If you have a Miro account, sign in using one of the available options and then select the desired board from your account. If you don't have a Miro account, select Create board.
    Important: If you are not signed in, the board will be deleted after 24 hours or as soon as you stop sharing. Sign up for a free account to save the board.
  3. The board will display within the GoTo app for all participants. Use the Miro toolkit to collaborate on the board.
  4. Select more to reload the whiteboard or maximize the whiteboard (hide camera feeds).
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