How do I manually upload a recording? (Classic)

    When organizers choose to have their recordings saved to their computer, they will need to manually upload them to the My Recordings page in order to share the recordings with others. You can change your recording settings at any time.
    Note: If you are using online session recording (recommended), you do not need to complete this step as your recordings will be automatically saved to the My Recordings page.
    1. First, ensure that the session recording has been converted.
    2. Sign in to your account at
    3. Click My Recordings in the left menu.
    4. Click + Upload a recording > Select a file
    5. Select the converted recording file from your computer. Recordings are saved to the location specified in the Recording Preferences (default is C:\Users\< username >\Documents).

      Note: Recording files must be .WMV or .MP4 format and less than 1 GB.

    6. The recording will be processed and optimized to play back. You can choose to have an email sent to you once the recording is ready.
    7. Once you've uploaded your recording, you can do any of the following:

      • Share a recording with others
      • Send new registrants archived recordings
      • Attach a recording to a follow-up email
      • Preview a recording
      • Download a recording
      • Edit a recording's title and description
      • Delete a recording