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Your end users now have GoTo accounts

As you may know, in February 2023, we are releasing a feature that allows you to create end users directly in GoTo.

After creating end users, you can attach them to tickets, allow them to create tickets in the Customer Portal, and in the future connect them with their devices. In our system, end users are individual GoTo users who may or may not be associated with a GoTo product in GoTo Admin.

We are in the process of migrating end users without a GoTo profile to our common identity system, so that all end users will be in a position to enjoy our full feature set in the future. During this migration, end users who were created for GoTo before this new feature was released, will receive an email. This will explain that their GoTo profile has been created and how to set their password. After completing this process, you can give all your end users access to your Customer Portal, although they can create tickets even without access to the Portal.

This migration is scheduled for February 28, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is impacted by this migration?
Every end user created before the February 2023 release will have a GoTo account.
As and admin, is there anything I should do?
Yes. As your end users will receive an email from GoTo about their new account, you should inform them prior to receiving this email to avoid confusion. This may help you deflect end user queries.
Remember: Your end users do not need to take action on the email. If you see no reason for your end user to get access to the Customer Portal, you can ask them to disregard the email.
As an end user, is there anything I should do?
Yes. You will receive an invitation email to join a team account. Click the link to create you password for the Customer Portal.
As an end user, can I expect any other emails from GoTo regarding this issue?
No, there will not be any follow-up communication with GoTo.
Does this automatic account creation also mean that a user will have access to the Customer Portal?
Yes. Every end user with a GoTo account will be able to sign in to the Customer Portal.
What if the end user already has a GoTo account?
The user will be able to sign in to the Customer Portal, but will not experience any other change.

The admin of the GoTo account will see the new end user in GoTo Admin.

Article last updated: 20 February, 2023