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How do I Create Tickets in the End-user Portal?

    As an end-user, you can submit tickets in the Portal.

    Remember: When an admin or an agent signs in to the End-user Portal, they are treated as end-users and can manage only those tickets that either they have created or were submitted on their behalf.
    1. Sign in to the End-user Portal at
    2. Click Add new ticket.

      The Ticket details page appears.

    3. Fill in the details of your ticket.
      • Add a Subject that best describes your issue and gives an immediate idea about your problem to an agent.
      • Add a Summary that is as detailed as possible. This helps an agent better understand your issue.
      • Make sure the correct Helpdesk service is selected. The ticket will be channeled to the agents of the selected helpdesk service.
      • You can also Attach Files to describe your issue. See below for supported file types.
      • Select a Priority for your ticket, unless you want to use the default ticket priority, which is Medium.
      • Optionally, add a Due date by when your issue should be resolved.
    4. Save your ticket.
    Results: You will receive an email notification about creating a ticket with all the details that you have entered.
    Note: You can only add comments to existing tickets as described in How do I Add Comments to a Ticket in the End-user Portal?

    What details do you see on the My tickets page?

    You see the following ticket details on the My tickets page:
    • Ticket ID - An internal identifier of your ticket.
    • Status - The current status of your ticket, which changes as your issue is processed. The following statuses are available:
      • Open - the ticket is assigned to an agent
      • In Progress - an agent started working on the ticket
      • On Hold - the ticket is assigned, but work is temporarily put on hold
      • Blocked - the assigned agent cannot continue work on the issue
      • Resolved - issue is resolved. Ticket will be closed.
      • Closed - the ticket is closed
      • Cancelled - the ticket is no longer relevant
    • Subject - Subject of the ticket as defined during ticket creation.
    • Category - The category selected for the ticket.
    • Assigned To - Name of the agent who is assigned to your issue.
    • Priority - Priority of the ticket.
    • Due Date - Date by when your issue should be resolved.
    • Helpdesk Service - Name of the helpdesk service, or channel that takes care of your ticket.

    What types of files can you attach to a ticket?

    The following types of files are supported:
    • PNG images
    • JPG images
    • JPEG images
    • GIF images
    • MPEG audio files
    • MP4 audio and video files
    • Plain text files
    • CSV files
    • Microsoft Word documents
    • Microsoft Excel documents
    • Microsoft Powerpoint documents
    • PDF documents
    • Quicktime videos
    Article last updated: 20 December, 2022