What is GoTo Resolve?

    Currently, GoTo Resolve offers the following features:

    • Clientless remote support

    • Unattended remote access

    • Multi-session handling

    • Reporting

    • Mobile remote support

    • Camera share

    • Ticket portal for Admin and agent

    • Ticketing integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack (enables employees to create tickets from Teams and Slack)

    • Unified admin center

    • ITSM integrations

    • Multi-company support

    • Agent mobile application on iOS and Android

    • Device groups (in progress)

    • Screen blanking in unattended sessions (in progress)

    What subscription do I need to use GoTo Resolve?

    You can sign up for a trial account that gives you a taste of what GoTo Resolve is all about. When your trial ends, your subscription is automatically converted to a free plan - unless, of course you decide to become a paid customer. At GoTo, free means free. In other words, you pay nothing. That's right, nothing. In return, you can use all the features available for paid customers, but using mission critical features, such as remote controlling a device requires spending a "freebie". Free users have three freebies to start with that magically replenish at the beginning of each month. Paid users obviously has no such restriction.

    For more on freebies, see How do Freebies Work?

    To check out available subscriptions or plans, go to the pricing page.

    What won't you find at this support site?

    This support site provides information about GoTo Resolve only. Yes, it's Resolve by name, but no, you won't find resolutions for issues related to other GoTo products here. When you have a problem with another GoTo product, like Rescue, Central, GoToMeeting, GoToConnect, or LastPass, please visit the GoTo Support Center.