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    GoTo Resolve Applet (Windows -; Mac - – January 20, 2023


    • Agents can now set the quality of streams and override the automatic bandwidth estimation
    • Agents can now disable and restore the wallpaper to its original state on the end user's device
    • Added informative and warning messages to the Windows .exe unattended installer experience:
      • Provide additional information on how to enable TLS 1.2, when the end-user wants to use GoTo Resolve in a Windows 7 environment.
      • A pop-up message informs the end-user whether the installation was successful or not
      • A warning message informs the end-user when installation fails due to renaming the installer file


    This release introduces proxy support and security improvements


    • This release introduces various admin mode switching related and general minor bugfixes
    • Fixed an issue when the macOS applet in attended sessions kept restarting until the necessary permissions were granted

    GoTo Resolve – December 20, 2022


    Helpdesk Portal for end-users
    End-users can now sign in to the Portal to view those helpdesk tickets that either they have created or were created on their behalf. See About the End-user Portal.
    Transfer helpdesk tickets to another helpdesk service
    Agents and admins can now transfer tickets to other helpdesk services, even if they are not members of those services. See How do I Transfer a Ticket to Another Helpdesk Service?
    Quick actions for managing helpdesk tickets
    In list view of the Helpdesk page, you now have quick actions to close tickets, transfer them to another helpdesk service, or assign them to another agent. To do so, hover over a ticket and select the three dots on the right to open the quick actions menu.
    Unassigned tickets in helpdesk reports
    In helpdesk reports, you can now view those tickets that were not assigned to any agent during the selected date range. See Working with Helpdesk Reports.

    GoTo Resolve – November 15, 2022


    Manage Antivirus settings on remote devices
    You can now easily monitor and manage antivirus software from a single dashboard where you can request status updates, view a list of threats, and initiate scans. The Antivirus feature allows you to do the following:
    • Monitor third-party antivirus software on devices
    • Run quickand full scan on remote devices
    • Update virus definition
    • Turn on Real-time protection on Windows devices
    • See scan reports
    See Working with Antivirus in GoTo Resolve.
    Create alerts
    Receive real-time, critical system alerts about computer health to proactively address potential issues before they become a problem. You can create the following types of alerts:
    • CPU usage
    • Memory usage
    • Low free disk space
    • Software inventory change
    Admins are notified in an email when an alert is triggered. See Working with Alerts in GoTo Resolve.
    Manage Windows updates on remote devices
    Identify, approve, and deploy Microsoft Windows updates to one or more devices to keep your Windows software up-to-date and protected against threats without interrupting end-users. Keeping the operating system up to date increases the level of security. The Windows Updates feature lets you do the following:
    • Monitor Windows operating systems
    • See the list of available patches and related information
    • Install one or more patches to one or multiple devices
    • See the status of the installation
    • See Windows patch history
    • Create a helpdesk ticket
    See Working with Windows Updates in GoTo Resolve.

    GoTo Resolve – November 10, 2022


    New reports on Helpdesk tickets
    Helpdesk tickets on the Reporting page show you how your agents perform in helping end-users. remote computers. See Working with Helpdesk Reports.
    Set up email notifications in a Helpdesk service
    As an admin, you can use GoTo Admin to define who should receive email alerts about certain events. See How do I Set up Email Notifications in GoTo Resolve?

    GoTo Resolve – November 2022


    Support session reports available on mobile devices
    The Reporting page of the GoTo Resolve mobile app now displays reports on support sessions. This feature requires a mobile add-on. See Working with Session Reports on Mobile.
    Helpdesk ticket management available on mobile devices
    The Helpdesk page of the GoTo Resolve mobile app now allows you to manage the support tickets of your organization. This feature requires a mobile add-on. See How do I Work with Helpdesk Tickets on Mobile?

    GoTo Resolve Desktop Console (Windows - – October 13, 2022


    • Fixed an issue that prevented the application from starting in some rare cases.
    • Security improvements.
    • Minor fixes and improvements.

    GoTo Resolve Desktop Console (Windows -; Mac - – October 4, 2022


    • You can now switch between local and remote keyboard layouts as follows:
      • On Windows, in the Desktop Console menu, go to File > Preferences and select a Keyboard layout.
      • On Mac, in the GoTo Resolve Desktop Console menu, go to Preferences and select a Keyboard layout.

    GoTo Resolve and GoTo Resolve Applet (Windows -; Mac - – September 9, 2022


    • Fixed an issue when the unattended installer with the .exe extension was not shown in Programs and Features after a successful installation.
    • Fixed an issue when the BIOS version number was not displayed on Macs with an M1 chip running macOS Big Sur.
    • Auto login feature works as expected on Server 2k16
    • This release introduces other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

    GoTo Resolve – August 2022


    File manager enhancements
    The file manager has the following new features:
    • You can now select multiple files to copy or delete them.
    • You can drag-and-drop files to copy them between the remote device and the local computer.
    • You can drag-and-drop files to the remote device from external sources, such as Windows File Explorer.
    • Keyboard shortcuts make it easier to use basic file manager features, such as copy and delete files.

    For more information, see How do I Manage Files on a Device?

    Users in Member role have restricted access to zero trust features
    These users can create zero trust keys, change their signature key, and create a recovery key. Users in Admin or Super Admin role have full access to zero trust features. See What is the relationship between zero trust and user roles?
    Add attachments to helpdesk tickets
    When you add a comment to a helpdesk ticket, you can now add attachments to the ticket. To do so, click Attach files and browse to a file on your computer. See How do I Attach Files to a Ticket in the Console?
    Filter helpdesk tickets in Slack
    You can now filter helpdesk tickets directly on the Home page of the GoTo Resolve Slack app. To do so, select the GoTo Resolve app and on the Home tab click Filter Tickets. To set up the GoTo Resolve to work with Slack, see How do I Set up Slack to Work with GoTo Resolve?
    Install the GoTo app to remote devices with Remote Execution
    With Remote Execution, you can now install the GoTo app to your remote devices. See How to Install the GoTo app on Remote Devices.
    Connecting tickets with remote support sessions
    In the GoTo Resolve Console, you can now view the list of remote support sessions started from a ticket. You can also manually add support sessions to the session history. See How do I Manage the Session History of Tickets in the Console?

    GoTo Resolve Applet (Windows -; Mac - – July 28, 2022


    • This release introduces minor hotfixes.

    GoTo Resolve – July 2022


    Install Apps with Windows Package Manager
    In Remote Execution, you can now install Windows applications on remote computers. See How to Install and Update Apps with Windows Package Manager (Winget).
    Customize columns in Helpdesk's card view
    You can now add, remove, and change the default columns on the card view of the Helpdesk page. See How do I Monitor Tickets in the Console?
    Add tags to helpdesk tickets
    You can now better identify helpdesk tickets both in card view and list view by adding tags. See How do I Add Tags to Tickets?
    Search for helpdesk tickets
    Use the search bar at the top of the page to search in the subject of helpdesk tickets.
    Notifications about updated helpdesk tickets
    Agents now receive a notification in the Console when a ticket is created or updated.
    Restrict admins' access to helpdesk tickets
    By default, all admins have access to every helpdesk service added to your organization. By removing an admin as a member of a specific helpdesk service, that admin will no longer have access to the service in the Console. This also means that restricted admins who are not members of a specific helpdesk service will no longer see the tickets created in that helpdesk. A restricted admin can still make changes to the helpdesk settings in the Admin Center.

    To remove an admin from the members of a helpdesk service, see How do I Edit Helpdesk Services?


    • In Remote Execution, you see a notification when an uploaded file was signed with a signature key that is no longer valid. This is relevant for re-running jobs that include file distribution or file management steps.
    • In Remote Execution, trusted or pre-defined steps (where you cannot edit the script) are signed and verified by GoTo for you. When you see a Signed step label under a Remote Execution step, you can be sure that no one else could modify the script's content.
      Note: When you do not see that label, you still have nothing to worry about. It only means that the exact script that you've created will run on your remote computers once you sign the Remote Execution job with your zero trust signature key.
    • Email notifications that end-users receive about their helpdesk tickets now include a history of changes made to the ticket. This allows them to track the progress of their issue.

    GoTo Resolve – June 29, 2022


    Start and manage support sessions on Android when the user is not present
    You can now set up and manage remote support sessions when the user is not present on Android devices.
    For more information, see Setting up Mobile Devices and Activating the Samsung Knox License in the Mobile App.
    Note: These support features depend on an account-level setting that must be enabled in the GoTo Admin platform.
    Transfer your support session or invite up to four agents to collaborate and resolve issues faster.
    You can now transfer support sessions or invite other agents to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

    For more information see Transferring a Support Session to Another Agent and Inviting Another Agent to an Ongoing Support Session.

    Remote Terminal
    You can now open a fully functional command prompt (Windows PowerShell or Terminal on mac) in GoTo Resolve.

    For more information see Opening the Remote Terminal.

    GoTo Resolve – May 27, 2022


    Easy access to creating helpdesk services and ticket categories
    It is now easier to create new helpdesk services and ticket categories:
    • A link to the relevant page of the GoTo Admin Center has been added to the bottom of the helpdesk service drop-down to create new helpdesk services.
    • On the Ticket details page, a link to the GoTo Admin Center has been added to the bottom of the Category drop-down to create new helpdesk ticket categories.

    For more information, see How do I Add Helpdesk Services?

    File Manager available on Pro devices
    The file manager allows you to perform the following file and folder operations on your Pro devices, on both Windows and Mac:
    • Copy, delete, and rename files and folders
    • Download files from the managed device to your computer
    • View the properties of a file, such as when it was created or last updated

    File manager runs in the background and does not require a remote control session. See How do I Open File Manager in GoTo Resolve?


    • Your devices have been re-categorized. Standard devices are now called Lite; whereas Preferred devices are now Pro devices. To learn what you can do with Pro and Lite devices, see What are Pro devices?.

    GoTo Resolve – May 24, 2022


    Mass deployment for MacOS devices
    Agents and admins can now use the PKG installer to add Mac devices in bulk to your GoTo Resolve account. Mass deployment requires zero trust authentication. See Setting up Devices.
    Save Remote Execution steps in a collection
    You can group Remote Execution steps in a collection and save it as a template to run later. See How to Save Steps as a Template in Remote Execution.
    Install Apps with Windows Package Manager
    In Remote Execution, you can now install Windows applications on remote computers. See How to Install and Update Apps with Windows Package Manager (Winget).

    GoTo Resolve – May 11, 2022


    Create a recovery file to reset your own signature key
    When you have a signature key, you can also create a recovery file that allows you to reset your signature key. See How do I Create a Recovery File?
    Setting signature key prompt frequency
    You can now define how often GoTo Resolve should prompt you for your signature key. See How do I Approve or Reject Another Agent's Signature Key?
    Email notifications about zero trust-related changes in your account
    Agents receive an email whenever there is a change in their signature keys. For example, when a key is approved or deleted.
    Brand new page added to manage your signature key and recovery file
    There's a new key management page, where you can create a recovery file or change your signature key. To see this page, on the Manage zero trust page, select Manage my keys at the top of the page.
    Additional verification code introduced when approving another agent's signature key
    When you create a new signature key, you'll get a verification code. The admin who approves your signature key request will ask for this code. See How do I Set up Zero Trust Authentication?
    Drag-and-drop helpdesk tickets in card view
    In card view on the Helpdesk page, you can now drag-and-drop a ticket to another column to change its status.
    Email notifications when helpdesk tickets are created
    You now receive an email when a helpdesk ticket is created in your company.
    Start a support session in the Console from a helpdesk ticket
    In the Console, you can now start a support session directly from a helpdesk ticket. To do so, on the Helpdesk page, open a ticket and click Start support session in the toolbar on the right.
    Pagination added to the Helpdesk page
    In list view on the Helpdesk page, you can now select how many tickets to display on a page and use the arrows to navigate between pages.
    Quick view of applied filters on the Helpdesk page
    On the Helpdesk page, you can now view and remove the applied filters above your helpdesk tickets. See How do I Monitor Tickets in the Console?


    • Zero trust's history page now contains additional operations, such as creating a recovery file.
    • Zero trust key management performance has been improved

    GoTo Resolve Integrations – May 5, 2022


    Slack integration now available
    End-users and agents can both use the GoTo Resolve app in Slack to provide and receive ticket-based support. The following features are available in Slack:
    • Direct messaging in Slack - When you edit an existing ticket in Slack, the relevant agents and end-users are notified about the change in their support ticket.
    • Fast ticket creation - Create and edit tickets directly from Slack.
    • Agent tools - Agents can assign tickets to themselves, start remote support sessions, and add comments to existing tickets.

    For details, see Working with Slack as an Agent.

    Multi-company support in the GoTo Resolve app in Microsoft Teams
    You can now add multiple companies to a GoTo Resolve account and work with those in the GoTo Resolve app for Microsoft Teams. Each company can now be connected to specific Microsoft Teams workspaces, giving you the option to support multiple companies in Teams separately. For more information, see How do I Link a Helpdesk Channel to a Specific Organization in Microsoft Teams?

    Multi-company support is also available in the GoTo Resolve app for Slack.

    GoTo Resolve Applet (Windows -; Mac - – May 5, 2022


    MacOS mass deployment support for premium and trial users


    • Fixed an issue when files transferred from a local computer to a remote one in a remote control session could not be moved or deleted on the remote computer.
    • Fixed an issue when the support session did not reconnect after the remote computer had been rebooted in an unattended session.
    • Fixed an issue when not all the devices were shown in the Devices page if the search was filtered to the logged in user.
    • OpenSSL is now updated to 1.1.1n in the client application
    • Basic auth and forward proxy protocols are now supported

    GoTo Resolve – May 4, 2022


    MacOS support in Remote Execution
    You can now run 20 Remote Execution steps on Macs. You can select the platform (Windows or Mac) for your automated scripts when you create a new job. See How to Run an Automated PowerShell, JavaScript, or Python Script.
    Run scripts from a template in Remote Execution
    You can now create step collections as save them as a template to rerun later on your devices. See How to Save Steps as a Template in Remote Execution.
    Create a favorites list in Remote Execution
    You can add your most frequently used Remote Execution steps to your list of favorites. On the Create job page, hover over the name of a step and select the star icon. Favorites are listed at the top. See How to Add Steps to Your Favorites in Remote Execution.


    GoTo Resolve – April 28, 2022


    Embed the PIN entry page into your website
    You can now embed a PIN entry input field to your help center article. You cannot customize this PIN entry field this time. Available with Standard subscriptions only.


    • Agents now receive better guidance on how to use the most frequently used GoTo Resolve features. For example, agents see more details about the next steps when starting a remote control session.

    GoTo Resolve – April 22, 2022


    • Previously selected monitor was displayed after selecting all monitors in Safari
    • Incorrect text was displayed in the Admin mode dialog
    • Icons on agent-side toolbar collapsed during camera share session
    • Camera share did not start on desktop device without mobile add-on

    GoTo Resolve – April 8, 2022


    Agent mobile app

    The GoTo Resolve Agent mobile app by GoTo empowers support agents with the flexibility and reliability they need to support their end-users anytime, anywhere. This release introduces Quick View on the Device Page and offers Reporting features.

    Download the GoTo Resolve Agent app from:

    GoTo Resolve – March 2022


    Create Helpdesk ticket from email
    You can now create a helpdesk ticket from an email. See How do I Create a Ticket from an Email?
    Additional Remote Execution steps
    You can create the following new automation steps in Remote Execution:
    Zero trust menu relocated
    You can now find zero trust settings by clicking your profile picture and selecting Manage zero trust. See What is Zero Trust?

    GoTo Resolve – February 2, 2022

    This is the initial general release of GoTo Resolve.

    Welcome to GoTo Resolve, your all-in-one IT management suite purpose-built for today's IT support challenges. For a brief overview of available features, see What is GoTo Resolve?

    LogMeIn is now GoTo – February 2, 2022

    We've relaunched our brand with a fresh look and feel! But don't worry – you'll still find everything in its usual place. Learn more.

    Article last updated: 23 January, 2023