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Glossary of terms


The ticketing system in GoTo that you can use to support the employees of your organization. Works from Microsoft Teams and the Console as well.

Instant support session

Instant support is when the end user is present at the remote device and has to actively give permission to the agent to connect to the device. Also known as "attended access".

Managed device

When a GoTo applet is pre-deployed on the device that the agent wants to connect to, that applet makes the device "managed". Whether the end user is present at the managed device or not (unattended session) is not important.

Zero trust

Our proprietary authentication solution that makes GoTo features 100% safe to use. These features include remote controlling a device, deploying unattended devices, and running PowerShell scripts on remote devices. To use these features, you must create a zero trust signature key, which will uniquely identify you.

Zero trust signature key

A signature key uniquely identifies a person in an account. When an agent wants to perform a sensitive task, such as deploy unattended access or run PowerShell scripts on remote devices, their identity requires extra verification using this signature key.

Zero trust recovery file

You can use a recovery file to restore your forgotten signature key without the approval of another agent.

Remote execution

Remote Execution allows you to run, manage, and monitor automated PowerShell commands on multiple computers without user interaction.

Device group

Device groups allow you to manage devices that share similar attributes. You will need your signature key to create a device group, to add devices to a device group, and to move devices from a device group to another.

Agent Desktop Console

A standalone, native application for Windows and macOS.

GoTo Resolve Console

TheGoTo web console is the browser-based version of the Agent Desktop Console.
Article last updated: 21 October, 2022