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Support and Feedback

    What do I do if I have trouble using GoTo Resolve and need assistance?

    Reach out to our Support team. See How do I contact GoTo Resolve Customer Support?

    Where can I find instructional information or tutorials on how to use the different features of GoTo Resolve?

    You can find basic tutorials in the GoTo Resolve console by clicking the floating arrow on the bottom right. If you have issues regarding a specific feature, feel free to browse our Community page.

    How can I send feedback?

    We love feedback as it is considered for future improvements of GoTo Resolve. You can send direct feedback from GoTo Resolve in the Help menu or by using the Feedback option at the bottom.

    How will I get notified of product updates?

    We will provide in-product notifications and emails to keep you informed. We plan to add several features between now and general availability, so keep an eye out!

    Article last updated: 11 November, 2022