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How do I contact GoTo Resolve Customer Support?

The resources below answer most common questions. If you need further help, select Contact Support below to be taken to a form where you can enter your details.

What won't you find at this support site?

This support site provides information about GoTo only. Yes, it's Resolve by name, but no, you won't find resolutions for issues related to other GoTo products here. When you have a problem with another GoTo product, like Rescue, Central, GoToMeeting, GoToConnect, or Hamachi, please visit the GoTo Support Center.

Ask the Community

View the GoTo Resolve Community to ask questions and read relevant posts from our product experts and other GoTo users like you.

Contact our team

Select Contact Support to submit a case and receive a phone number.
Note: Our support queue is only open for users with a paid subscription.

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Want to cancel your subscription?

If you are a user with a free subscription, you cannot cancel your license. To cancel your GoTo subscription, please select Contact Support in this article. Our Customer Care Team will be happy to help you. Online cancellation is not available for GoTo at this time.

As a free user, can I cancel my subscription and close my account?

As a user with a free subscription, you cannot cancel your account. Since a free subscription is free for life, there really is no reason to cancel. If you no longer want to use our service, just stop using it. It's that simple. Again, free in "free subscription" means that we are not going to charge you anything, whether you use GoTo or not. That's why we call it a free subscription.

Need to see billing details or manage subscriptions?

To see billing information, sign in at For more information, seeHow do I access my billing portal?

To manage your subscriptions, see Subscription Management.

Article last updated: 16 November, 2023