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Migrating from GoToAssist: Mass deployment with GoToAssist (Optional)

    Optionally, you can use GoToAssist to mass distribute the GoTo Resolve installer on your devices and install GoTo Resolve on each of your devices.

    Remember: To add devices to GoTo Resolve, you must have a signature key.

    Here's how:

    1. Sign in at
    2. Under Devices, click on Add Device, and then select Download for Windows (msi).
    3. Enter your signature key.
      The installer is downloaded to your computer.
      Note: This will require that you connect to each device to install GoTo Resolve.
      Tip: Technicians should download the MSI before following the following steps.
    4. Connect to the device where you want to install GoTo Resolve:Establish a remote support connection to the
      • If there is an end-user present at the device, establish an attended remote support session.
      • If there is no one at the device use unattended access.
    5. Once connected use Send File to transfer the GoTo Resolve MSI.
      For more information on sending files, visit the GoToAssist support site.
    6. Once the file is sent, double-click the MSI and proceed with the installation.
    Article last updated: 14 October, 2022