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How do I Change My Signature Key?

A signature key uniquely identifies you. Once you have a signature key, you can change it any time.

  1. In the Console, select your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Manage zero trust.
  3. Select your agent:
    • Under Active keys, find your agent and click the pencil icon on the right of your agent's name.
    • Alternatively, select Manage my keys at the top of the page and click Change signature key.
  4. Type your current and new signature keys.
  5. Click Change signature key to confirm.

Things to consider when you change your key

  • Prompt frequency defaults to asking for a signature key every time you perform a sensitive task.
  • When you have Remote Execution steps that were signed with your old signature key, you have to sign those steps again. Typically, you have to sign every file that you want to distribute to target devices.
Article last updated: 21 July, 2022