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Distributor Troubleshooting Guide

    Basic troubleshooting

    Most things our partners and customers call into Support about can be solved with articles from our Support Site. Here is a list of the resources to help you easily find what you need:

    Before looking for information on our robust library of help articles and videos, consider the following tips:
    • Use the search bar above to enter your question or explore the categories.
    • Be specific when searching (include exact error codes, messaging, etc.)
    • Try different keywords, phrases and terminology if your initial search doesn't provide you with the perfect hits.
    • Add or remove product filters as necessary (sometimes you may find the answer under another product because of the similarities) to the GoToAssist Support Site.
    • Check the service status of GoTo Resolve at
    Tip: Always have the partner clear cache and cookies. This will resolve at least 50% of the issues that we see in Support.

    Escalation to the GoTo Resolve Support Team

    • Try to add screen recordings as they help facilitate faster outcomes.
    • Always use the escalation template you find below in the description. Copy and paste its content when creating your case.
      Partner Company Name:
      User’s Email:
      Distributor Support Contact name:
      Distributor Support Contact email:
      Distributor Support Contact phone number:
      What steps has your partner taken to cause the issue to happen?
      What troubleshooting steps have you gone through with your partner?
      Have you verified network requirements are being met? Yes / No
      Have you tested connection from a different network? Yes / No
      When did the problem start?
      Does the problem happen every time?
      Have you attached logs? Yes / No
      Have you attached a screenshot or a video?
      Which web browser does your partner use?
      What OS version does your partner use? Is it a Mac or a Windows device?
      What is the product build?
    • Always submit you case through Partner Exchange

    Note: If a Partner Sub Account is not linked or you need to escalate an already submitted case, you can reach out to Partner Success for assistance. You can do this by submitting a case through Partner Exchange.

    Training materials

    Article last updated: 25 October, 2022