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Change Management Settings

    Organizers can manage conferences and the privileges they'd like to extend to your participants.

    1. Log in to your OpenVoice account.
    2. In the left menu, click Settings.
    3. On the Settings page, go to the Conference Management section. You can select Yes or No to manage the following preferences:
      • Participants enter the conference muted — Force all participants to join the conference muted.
        Note: Attendees can toggle the unmute/mute state of their line by using the *2 key on the phone's keypad.
      • Conference can continue after you leave — Allow the conference to continue after you disconnect and specify a custom value (1-60 minutes) to allow a conference call to continue.
        Note: The default is set to 60 minutes. If this you have setting enabled or disabled, it can be overriden during an active conference by clicking #2 on the phone keypad prior to disconnecting your call.
      • Prompt each participant for a name when joining instead of playing a beep — Prompt participants to record their name before joining the conference.
      • Announce participant arrival
      • Announce participant departure
      • Conference starts and skips hold music if you're the first participant —You and the first participant will hear hold music until a third participant joins.
    4. Click Save to apply the changes.
      Note: The Settings page allows or disallows certain configurations based on user selection. For example, if you select the Yes radio button to start a conference if the organizer is the first participant, then by default you cannot allow participants to start conferences.