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Audio FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked audio questions.

I'm experiencing audio issues in my conference. What should I do?

Audio problems can be caused by either an issue with the audio bridge, or by user error and misuse. You can troubleshoot the following audio issues on your own.

  • Echo or feedback — Echo and microphone feedback are generally caused by the improper placement of hardware, or potentially the misconfiguration of either hardware or software settings. You can determine the caller that is generating the echo/feedback by muting all callers, then unmuting each of them until the noise is heard again. The person last unmuted is the source of the echo/feedback.
  • Cannot unmute or be heard — If you are the organizer, re-enter your Organizer PIN and attempt to mute/unmute your line or click the green Mic icon. If you are ap articipant, press *2 to unmute your line. If the organizer is in "lecture mode", then they have muted all callers on the line, and you will need to raise your hand by pressing *9 to show you would like to be unmuted. If you are still unable to unmute your line, try an alternative audio device.
  • Poor VoIP audio quality — If you are using a softphone (i.e., software that allows you to make telephone calls from your computer using VoIP), this may be caused by a lack of bandwidth. You can run the connection wizard to test your network settings, or switch to a traditional phone and call in to the conference.
If you are experiencing other audio issues, including dropped calls, busy signal, distorted audio, poor PSTN (phone call) audio quality or inability to access your conference, you can call Customer Care within 24 hours of the incident occurring or create a support ticket online. If creating a support ticket, please copy and paste the following template into your request and fill in the fields before submitting. This will help with investigating the issue.
  • Date the incident occurred
  • Time the affected call began (including time zone)
  • Approximately when the issue occurred
  • Conference number called
  • Access code or OpenVoice conference room number
  • Phone number you called from
  • If you were able to reproduce the issue and steps (if reproducible)
Note: Note: We cannot investigate incidents over 24 hours old as the carriers do not keep call logs for more than 24 hours.

Why does the audio disconnect after one hour?

Although the admin can configure your conference management settings to allow a conference call to continue after the organizer leaves, the maximum length of time the call can continue is 60 minutes. Organizers can change the amount of time the call can continue (i.e., after they leave) by logging in at and clicking Settings > Yes (next to "Conference can continue after you leave" > Enter minutes > Save.