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Technical Help

    Here is a list of frequently asked technical troubleshooting questions.

    Why do I keep hearing an echo on my conference call?

    Echoes on the conference can be caused by several reasons. Some of the reasons are use of cell phonea or speaker phones. You can determine echoes using the Web App or Phone Commands.

    Can I prevent people with bad phone connections from joining the call?

    No, the best option is to put the conference in lecture mode or have the participants mute themselves until they need to speak.

    If I am experiencing problems with my conference call who should I contact?

    Please contact our Global Customer Support for assistance immediately or within 24 hours of your conference call. The following information will be needed to properly troubleshoot your issue.

    • Organizer Username
    • Date/ time (indicate timezone) of your call
    • Conference Room ID
    • What number you and your attendees are dialed into (depending on who is having the issue)
    • What number you and your attendees are called from (depending on who is having the issue)
    • Specify if your calling from a cellphone, VoIP or landline number
    • Description of the issue and any other pertinent information that will help determine the cause of your problem