What are the keypad phone commands?

    Organizers and participants can use their telephone's keypad to manage the audio of the conference call.

    Below is a list of the different keypad commands that are available. These commands are also summarized on the Web Controls page or in the OpenVoice Wallet Card (for organizers) and the conference invitation email (for attendees).

    All participants

    • *1 — Play features menu.
    • *2 — Mute or unmute audio.
    • *5 — Hear the number of callers.
    • *9 — Raise hand.

    Organizers only

    • *6 — Lock or unlock the conference.
    • *7 — Record the conference. After selecting the command, you must select 1 to start the recording. Select *7 and then 1 again to stop recording.
    • *8 — Mute all participants except the organizer (lecture mode).
    • *09 — Report audio issues with a 60 second recording. If you hear a "Your entry is not valid" response, select *0.
    • #1 — Turn on/off the entry/exit beeps.
    • #2 — Allow the conference to continue even after the organizer hangs up.
    • #3 — Roll call of participants (if enabled).