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Manage the Conference Call

Organizers can use web controls or phone commends (also known as "star codes") to manage the conference.

What are Web Controls?

Web Controls allow the organizers (hosts) to manage the conference online. Organizers can view conference participants, mute and unmute participants and control other aspects of the live conference call.

What are Phone Commands?

Organizer phone commands (also known as "star codes") are phone/keypad control functions that allow organizers and participants to manage the conference's available features. You can view a complete list of phone commands and web button controls by signing into with your organizer credentials and selecting Web Controls.

Organizer Commands Details
Obtain a list of commands.
Mute or unmute your own line.
Hear the number of attendees.
Lock or unlock the conference so that additional attendees may not join.

Start or stop the conference recording.

  • Press and then to start recording.
  • Pressing and then again, to stop recording the conference.

Mute or unmute all lines except for the host's and enable hand-raising.

  • Pressing the first time puts the conference in lecture mode but participants can still unmute themselves.
  • Pressing the second time puts the conference in lecture mode and participants cannot unmute themselves.
  • Pressing the third time turns off Lecture Mode.

Entry/Exit beeps on or off.

Allow conference to continue after the organizer hangs up.
Roll call of participants (if enabled)

If I am a participant in a conference, how do I manage my phone line?

Participant Commands Details
Receive a list of commands.
Mute or unmute your participant line.
Hear the number of attendees.
Raise your hand to ask a question (in lecture mode).