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Why don't I see drawing tools?

    If you don't see Drawing Tools in your Viewer or Presenter toolbar, there are a few reasons that could be causing it.

    You might not be the Presenter.

    Only the current Presenter has the ability to manage Drawing Tools, so only they will see the option in their Control Panel (even if you are an organizer, you only see the Drawing Tools pane while you are the current Presenter). If you wish to use Drawing Tools, ask the current Presenter to grant you Drawing Tools access.

    You might be an Attendee

    Presenters need to grant drawing tools access for attendees.

    You might be on the web or the mobile app.

    Drawing tools is not supported on the web or mobile app. Please switch to the desktop app.

    You might be using a non-Aero Windows theme.

    If you are the current Presenter but still do not see the Drawing Tools pane, then you are most likely using a non-Aero theme on your Windows computer. Because Drawing Tools do not run optimally on non-Aero computers, they are not automatically enabled.

    You have 2 options for fixing this situation: 
    1. Change your Windows theme to an Aero theme. Windows Aero is a visual theme introduced in Windows Vista that affects the appearance of your application windows and desktop background.
      1. Open the personalization options in the Control Panel (for Windows 7, this is Control Panel > Change the theme).
      2. Select one of the themes that are listed in the "Aero Themes" section.
      3. Once your changes are applied, the Drawing Tools pane will automatically appear in your Control Panel.
    2. Enable Drawing Tools manually. You can still use Drawing Tools with a non-Aero theme; you just need to enable them.
      1. Click GoTo Meeting at the top of your Control Panel to see the drop-down menu.
      2. Hover your mouse over Drawing Tools, then select Open.
      3. You will see a warning that Drawing Tools do not work well with your existing desktop background. Click Yes to continue.
      4. The Drawing Tools pane will then appear in your Control Panel. If it does not, repeat Steps #1 - 2.