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Why do I get an error message when I try to join a meeting?

    If you successfully downloaded the GoTo Meeting software but encounter an error while trying to connect to a meeting, it's possible that one of the following scenarios occurred.

    The meeting is full.

    If you see a "The meeting is full", then the session already has the maximum number of attendees that are allowed. You will not be able to join the session unless one of the attendees who has already joined leaves the session. Learn more.

    You are waiting for the organizer to start the meeting.

    If you see a "Waiting for organizer" screen, then you have successfully connected to the session! The organizer (i.e., the person who scheduled the meeting and invited you to it) has not started the meeting yet so just sit tight until they get there. We call this the "Hallway", because you have arrived to the session but are still waiting for the organizer to "open the door" so you can come in. Learn more.

    The meeting ID is invalid.

    If you see a "The meeting ID is invalid" message, it means that the meeting ID you entered does not match with the session you are trying to join because it is incorrect, was mistyped, or the meeting ID has expired. Learn how to fix it

    The password you entered is incorrect.

    If you were invited to someone else's meeting and are asked to enter a meeting password when joining, it means that the organizer has password protected it for added security. This does not mean that you need to sign in to a GoTo Meeting account – you just need to enter the password that the organizer set. Learn how to fix it

    Your session could not be connected.

    If you see an "A connection could not be established" message, it means that your computer or network cannot communicate to our servers. Review the following troubleshooting tips below or learn more.

    There are technical difficulties (Windows only).

    If you see a "Technical Difficulties" error, GoTo Meeting is no longer running on your computer. You can dismiss the dialog and try joining again. If you still can't join your meeting, your audio driver may be interfering with GoTo Meeting. If you have Nahimic, AlienWare Sound Center, or Sonic Suite 3 audio drivers, manually end the task before rejoining the meeting.
    1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Windows Task Manager.
    2. Under the Processes tab, find Nahimic, Alienware Sound Center, or Sonic Suite 3 and End Task.
    3. Under the Startup tab, find Nahimic, Realtek, or Alienware Sound Center and Disable.
    4. Quit GoTo Meeting and join again.
      Note: If you still can't join the meeting, select Contact Support. Please document the troubleshooting steps you've taken for the support rep.