How do I share my camera on the desktop app?

Share your camera and meet face-to-face with other meeting attendees! Up to 25 different cameras can be shared at once.

Note: We are in the process of rolling out a new meeting experience in the GoTo application! This article covers the classic GoToMeeting experience. If you are seeing something different, click here for help.

Preview your webcam

Put your best face forward and get ready for business! You can preview how others will see you, what’s around you or behind you, and ensure that others see only what you want them to see before you share your webcam. Learn more.

Share your webcam

To share your camera, click the Camera icon in the Viewer or Control Panel.

Stop sharing your webcam

When you stop sharing your camera, your camera feed will be replaced with your initials or profile picture. Stop sharing by clicking the Camera icon in the Viewer or Control Panel.

Send webcam requests to other attendees

Note: This feature is available to organizers and co-organizers only.

  1. In the People pane, click the Arrow icon next to the desired attendee.
  2. Click Send Webcam Request.