Meeting Spaces (Beta)

With the Meeting Spaces beta, each time you create a new meeting – whether it is scheduled or recurring – a unique landing page known as a "meeting space" is created for that session. You can then use that page to prepare for the session by configuring settings, uploading files, posting an agenda, and more! You can even invite your attendees to view the meeting space before, during and after the session.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.


Opt in to the Meeting Spaces beta

Note: If you do not yet see this option under your Beta tab, the Meeting Spaces beta may not be available for your account yet. Stay tuned!

1. Log in at

2. Click the Menu icon in the top-right, then select Betas & Labs.

3. Click the Beta tab at the top.

4. Enable the Terms of Service check box, then click Join the Beta.


Schedule a session with a meeting space

Note:  At this time, the Meeting Spaces Beta only supports sessions that are scheduled from the web. If you schedule your meeting from the desktop app, mobile apps, or calendar plugins, then the beta will not apply and a meeting space will not be created.

1. Log in at

2. On the My Meetings page, click Schedule.

3. Enter a title for the meeting and select how frequently you want it to occur.

4. Click Save. A unique meeting space will then be created for your new session, and you will be directed to it automatically.

5. That's it! You will then be able to access your meeting spaces at any time from the My Meetings page.


Customize and edit a meeting space

You can customize a session's meeting space to help attendees prepare for sessions ahead of time. Using the meeting space, you can add additional information and even make changes to the meeting itself.

(a) Edit the title, date and time: Click the title to change it, or click the date/time to see new fields appear (which allow you to select a new date and time).

(b) Add a meeting description: Add a description to the top of the meeting space that lets attendees know what to expect during the session.

(c) Start the meeting: Click Start the meeting to immediately launch the session.

(d) Add a meeting agenda: Use this space however you wish! You can add an agenda to set expectations before a session, or have the meeting space open during the active session to take notes in real time. You can edit the agenda at any time.

(e) Upload and manage files: Upload files for your attendees to access before or during the session (all file types are compatible). Attendees can simply click a file to download it, and you can see a list of who has downloaded it later. You can also add or remove files at any time.

(f)  Invite attendees: Click Copy invitation to access the meeting space's direct URL, which you can then send to attendees to have them view the page and use it to join the session.

(g)  Manage settings: Click Audio to change which type of audio you want to provide to attendees (e.g., VoIP, toll-free, custom). Click Co-organizers to add additional organizers to help you facilitate the session.


Invite attendees to a meeting space

Meeting spaces act like a landing page where you can send your attendees before they join the session. They can use them to prepare ahead of time, keep track of real-time changes during a session, or refer back to notes and materials afterward.

1. On the meeting space, click Copy invitation.

2. A pop-up window will display the meeting space URL, meeting description, agenda, files and audio information.

3. Copy the information and send it to attendees however you'd like (e.g., via email, via instant message). As long as they have the URL, they can access the meeting space!

4. When attendees go to the meeting space, they will be able to view the agenda, download files and join the meeting!


General FAQs

What are the system requirements for the beta?

Meeting spaces will automatically be created for your sessions as long as you schedule them from a Windows or Mac computer using an updated web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer v9 or higher).

Note:  While sessions created using a mobile browser app may work with meeting spaces, mobile browsers are not officially supported. Meeting spaces will not be created if you create your meeting using the desktop app, mobile app, or calendar plugins.

I don't see the Beta tab; how can I opt in?

The Meeting Spaces beta is only available to organizers who have set up their personal meeting page. If you have not yet done so, first set up your personal meeting page and then follow the instructions for opting in to the beta (you may need to log out and back in first).

What if I opted in to the Meeting Rooms beta in the past?

If you opted in to last year's Meeting Rooms beta, your existing meeting rooms will still remain available. They will be updated with the new look and feel of Meeting Spaces, but they will not have the additional abilities of adding agendas or uploading files.

Do I need to use a specific version of the GoToMeeting desktop app to use this feature?

No. Since meeting spaces are a feature of your web account (not the desktop app) it does not matter which version of the desktop app you are using. Your web account is always given the most recent updates automatically.

Scheduling FAQs

Do I get a meeting space for each meeting?

Yes. Each meeting scheduled from the web will have its own unique meeting space.

Can I use meeting spaces for any kind of meeting?

Yes. A meeting space will be created for your meeting regardless of whether it is a recurring or scheduled (i.e., one time) session.

Can I use the same name for multiple meeting spaces?

No. Each meeting space will need to have a unique name, since the space's URL is based on the name. The initial name for each meeting space is created automatically based on your meeting's name, so if you schedule a meeting with the same name as a previously scheduled session, then the meeting space's name will be appended (i.e., a session named "Sync Up" may be named "Sync Up 1").

Can I lock or restrict access to a meeting space?

No. At this time, all meeting spaces are public and can be accessed by anyone who has the direct link, so please be careful not to upload any confidential information.

Can I change the date and/or time of my meetings if I'm using the beta?

Yes. You can either edit the meeting from the My Meetings page, or click the date/time at the top of the session's meeting space.

Can I send an Invitation email from the meeting space?

There is not an integration that will allow you to automatically send an email. However, you can click Copy invitation under "Invite attendees" to see the invitation content, then copy/paste that into an email.

Can I delete a meeting space?

No. While this feature is in beta, meeting spaces will not expire and cannot be deleted.

Can I create a meeting space from the desktop app, mobile apps or calendar plugins?

No. Those features are not available.

Agenda and Files FAQs

Do I need to create a new meeting space for each meeting that needs an agenda?

That depends on how you want to use the agenda feature. Since you can edit the agenda during the meeting, you may wish to use it to takes notes on the session. If you want these notes to remain posted for later access, then you can either continue adding notes below them during the next session, or schedule a new session to start over with a fresh agenda. Keep in mind that recurring meetings will only have 1 agenda, so you will either need to edit the agenda for each session or keep adding to it.

Do I need a ShareFile account to use meeting spaces?

No. Although meeting spaces use a ShareFile integration to host your files, you do not need to have an account of your own. Simply upload a file to the meeting space and everything is handled for you!

How much storage do I get for files uploaded to meeting spaces?

Each organizer has 1 GB of free storage space for all of their meeting spaces. If you run out of storage space, you can delete files from older, unneeded meeting spaces.

Can I add more files to the same meeting space for each session in a recurring meeting?

Yes. You can upload files or edit the agenda at any time, so if you want to update the meeting space's content before each session you can do so.

Will attendees be able to access uploaded files from within the session?

No. The files will not be visible to attendees from their Control Panel or toolbar; they will need to go to the session's meeting space to download the file.