How do I use Smart Notes during a meeting? (Classic)

    GoTo Meeting's AI-powered Smart Assistant auto-captures meeting highlights and action items and shows them alongside your notes after the session.

    Organizers can manually take notes and review them after the session to make sure nothing was missed!
    Note: Only the scheduling organizer can launch and take notes during the session.
    1. Make sure you have cloud recording and Transcriptions enabled.
    2. Record the meeting and next to "Notes", click Open. A browser will launch with your notes.
    3. Throughout the meeting, you can take notes and bookmark specific parts of the meeting. Because all notes are timestamped and synced with the recording and transcriptions, you can easily navigate through the meeting.

      • Note (default) – general note
      • Highlight – auto-generated by GoTo Meeting
      • Action Item – auto-generated by GoTo Meeting

    Your notes will be available to you on the meeting recording page after the meeting.