How do I share my camera on the Web App?

    You can share up to 25 webcams during a session. Please note only those running Google Chrome can share their webcams. If you do not see the option to share your webcam, then the organizer may have disabled the feature.

    Preview and share your webcam

    You must allow browser webcam permissions before sharing. This permission window will launch when you select the Webcam icon or go to the Webcam tab.
    1. To preview your webcam, click the Camera icon in the lower toolbar or click the Settings icon in the top toolbar and the Camera tab.
    2. To share your webcam, select the desired device from the drop-down menu and click Share My Camera.
    3. To stop sharing your webcam, click the Camera button again or click Stop sharing my camera in the Camera tab.

    Change webcam feed or hide webcam

    You can choose to see everyone's webcam feed, just the Presenter's, or hide all webcams. This will allow you to adjust the session layout to your liking.
    1. Click the "View" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.
    2. Select a specific camera feed or hide all cameras.

    Move or hide the webcam pane

    When you or other meeting participants are sharing webcams, a webcam pane automatically appears at the top of the screen. If desired, you can easily change the location of the pane or hide webcams altogether.
    1. Click the Settings icon in the toolbar.
    2. In the Camera tab, use the "Camera positions during screensharing" drop-down menu to select a new position (top, bottom, left, or right).