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How do I share my camera on the Android app?

    If you are running a supported Android device, you can share your camera with the rest of your meeting participants. Up to 6 (GoToMeeting Android app) and 8 (GoTo Android app) different cameras can be shared at once.

    Note: We have a new GoTo mobile app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting mobile experience. View Share My Camera for the new GoTo.

    Start camera sharing

    1. Tap the Camera icon in the lower menu.
    2. In the preview, tap Share. If prompted, tap Allow.
    3. Your camera feed will be shared at the bottom of the screen. You can move this feed to different corners of the device screen.

    Flip camera view

    You can switch the camera view from the front to the back (and vice versa) in either of the following ways:

    • Tap the Flip icon before sharing.
    • Tap your live camera feed and Flip camera.

    Move camera feed

    You can move the camera feed around to free up space when there are many cameras and screens being shared at once. Move the cameras around by dragging the feed to different corners. Note that your feed will stack on top of other participant's if you drag them to the same corner.

    Filter camera feed

    When multiple attendees are sharing their cameras, you can choose to see all camera feeds or just the active speaker's. Tap the More icon to select another camera filter.
    • View Active Cameras - Display only those who are actively sharing a camera.
    • View Who's Talking - Display only the current speaker.

    Stop camera sharing

    You can stop sharing your camera in either of the following ways:

    • Tap your live camera feed and Stop sharing.
    • Tap the Camera icon in lower menu and Stop sharing.