How do I share a recording with others? (Classic)

    Organizers can share recordings with others as long as their setting allows it.

    See GoTo Meeting Content Sharing and Security (Classic) for more information.
    Attention: We have a new GoTo app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting experience. View How do I share a recording? for the new GoTo.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Click the History tab. Check the "Recorded" box to filter recorded sessions.
    3. Locate the desired meeting and click Share.

      Note: If the Share button is grayed out, check the Share Status. If it is "Off", that means your recording link expired. Open the recording and turn on the Sharing toggle.

    4. Send the copied link or paste it wherever you'd like to share it with attendees. You can also attach the downloaded recording anywhere (email, etc.).

      Share a Recording with Others