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How do I set up GoTo Room with Logitech Conference with Rally Bar?

GoTo Room is an all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a medium to large conference room (recommended space from 20' to 30') to be ready to join and host meetings in an instant.

Unpack your equipment

Items and accessories included in the GoTo Room onboarding kit:
  • Logitech Rally Bar – Webcam and audio device to broadcast room and audio.
    • 5' (1.5m) power cable and adapters
    • 7' (2m) HDMI cable
    • 7.2' (2.2m) USB cable
    • Lens cap for main camera and AI Viewfinder
  • Logitech Tap – Mini display to start and join meetings and manage in-session features.
    • 9.5' (2.5m) power cable and adapters
    • 32' (10m) Logitech Strong USB cable to connect to the Rally Bar
    • 7' (2m) HDMI cable
    • Wall mounting screws (optional)
  • Logitech remote control – Device to control camera (pan, tilt, zoom) functions during meetings.
Additional requirements:
  • Two display screens (monitor or television) capable of 1920x1080 resolution or one display up to 4K.

GoTo Room with Logitech Conference with Rally Bar

Set up your equipment

  1. Plug the Rally Bar to an outlet.
  2. Use the included HDMI cable to connect the Rally Bar to the conference room display.
    Note: If you need to connect your computer to share your screen or join a 3rd party meeting, use the included USB cable to connect the Rally Bar to your computer.
  3. Plug the Logitech Tap to an outlet.
  4. Use the included Logitech Strong USB cable to connect the Logitech Tap to the Rally Bar.
  5. Hold the Power button behind the Rally Bar to turn the system on.
  6. Select GoToRoom and follow the setup wizard. You will need GoTo Admin Center credentials to pair the device to a GoTo Room license.
    Note: If you do not have a GoTo Room license, you will not be able to start an instant "Meet Now" session from the room. See What happens if I cancel my GoTo Room subscription?.
  7. You're ready to start and join meetings! Continue the setup by customizing the system's settings and integrating your email calendar.