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How do I join a 3rd party meeting from GoTo Room?

Join a third-party meeting solution (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.) from your laptop and have it displayed and connected to the GoTo Room audio and video hardware.

You can join a third-party meeting from the following hardware:
  • Poly Studio X30 and X50
  • Poly G7500
Note: If you join a third-party meeting, you can currently only control the volume and mute/unmute yourself during the session. Camera functionality will be added in the next couple months.
  1. From the laptop, join the third-party meeting.
  2. On the touch panel, tap Join or Start > Join a Third Party Meeting.
  3. Connect a USB cable from your laptop to the room hardware.
  4. Connect a HDMI cable from your laptop to the room hardware to use the room's TV as the display.
  5. Tap Go.
    Join a Third Party Meeting from GoTo Room
  6. The meeting will display on the GoTo Room screen and connect to audio and video using the room solution.
  7. To end the connection and return to the GoTo Room home screen, tap Exit on the touch panel.