How do I use the Poly Trio as a regular telephone?

    The Poly Trio is a VoIP phone. Your IT admin will need to provision the phone to your existing phone system (including Jive) in order for you to make phone calls from the Poly Trio.

    These steps must be taken before setting up configuration for a custom PBX.
    Note: The Poly Trio must be v5.5.4.2255 or later.
    1. Find the phone's IP address by tapping Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters. Take note of the IPv4 address value.
    2. Open a browser on your computer and enter "https://" followed by the IP address found in step #1.
    3. Accept the insecure certificate.
    4. Log in with the factory default password which is "456".
    5. Click Utilities then Import & Export Configuration.
    6. Under "Import Configuration", click Choose File.
    7. Download and upload this file. Click Import then Close.
    8. The phone will reboot a few times to default back to its generic mode. You can now configure a custom PBX!